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School Rants

♦A Place to Rant About Life and Well...School♦

School Rants - A Place to Rant About Life & School
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School Rants
A Place to Rant About Teen Life and Well...School

Created by: nocturnalwriter

Make Sure To Read The Rules and Other Info Members Should Know

This community was created to rant about how much being a teenager just generally sucks. Feel free to rant about anything here.

Did you get the weird techer with the creepy hair-piece and you hate it? Rant about it here.
Are the boys at your high school just flat out jerks? Rant about it here.
Do your parents not accept your new boyfriend/girlfriend? Rant about it here.

Also don't be afraid to ask for advice. Don't worry we don't bite. (at least not most of us)


1) Respect everyone. Come on people this is grade school stuff. Just because you don't agree with the person, you do not have to leave a nasty response.

2) Do not disable comments. If you don't want someone to respond, don't post it here. Discussions are encouraged.

3) No advertising other communities without a mod's permission. Now it is easy to get my permission, all you have to do is send me an e-mail (nocturnalwriter@hotmail.com) asking. Most of the time I will say yes, because I know 'How is anyone supposed to know about my new community if I don't advertise?' I'm not saying you can't, just get my permimssion.

4) Trolls are not welcomed. Go back to where you came from.

5) Please put all obnoxious fonts behind an lj cut.

Simple Enough. I think everyone should be able to follow those without any problems.

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