September 20th, 2007

.almost five weeks.

ah. school is back in full gear and ive been swamped in tons and tons of homework! i finally got the hang of it now so my 10-wk report card should look so much better than my 5-wk!! my 5-wk comes out on the 12th of Oct. but grades go in really soon so hopefully i can get it my grades up a little before my parents kill me! right now i think i have these grades: 1. Italian 2 = B  2. Chemistry = C  3. Algebra 2= B   4. Service= A   5. AP USH= F   6. English = B

time to get back to homework! i have a test in english, ap us history, and chemistry tomorrow! gotta study!
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    Itsumo Nando Demo by Kimura Yumi