Jasmine (aww_darling) wrote in school_rants,

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First Contest Begins Tuesday June 19, 2007

Yes...My Own Shameless Advertisment in my Community

5000_words is a community where writers are asked to challenge themselves by writing a story that is 5,000 words or more in one month based on a provided topic.

When the time period is up all the stories that meet the goal will be posted and members will vote on which story they think is the best.

Everyone is a winner for making it, so join today!

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    So. I haven't been in school in a little over a year, and I just started community college to get me back into the groove before I go to university.…

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    The final five weeks are here and I need to get my grades up! Right now I have 5 C's and 1 A and I really need A's and B's! The class I signed up…

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    To all my stupid teachers: The day of the in-school movie is not the time to realize you have no movie, no DVD player and no screen. Morons.

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