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School Rants
♦A Place to Rant About Life and Well...School♦
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14th-Sep-2009 02:12 pm - blah.
I haven't been in school in a little over a year, and I just started community college to get me back into the groove before I go to university. I'm extremely frustrated. :/ School feels so hard. Im' so busy, and I carn hardly work because of my schedule thus a lack of money.

How the hell am I supposed to manage my time? lulz. Next semester I am registering early, and getting much better classes.

So, what do YOU do to manage time?
13th-May-2008 04:15 pm - tasty.
The final five weeks are here and I need to get my grades up! Right now I have 5 C's and 1 A and I really need A's and B's!

The class I signed up for at Mission College is ending soon. :( I'm going to miss that class.

--Just a quick rant I needed to get off my breast. CHEERS.
21st-Dec-2007 07:46 pm(no subject)
To all my stupid teachers:

The day of the in-school movie is not the time to realize you have no movie, no DVD player and no screen.

26th-Sep-2007 07:50 pm - Oh, the woe and the horror...
...that comes coupled with being the (co-)editor of a small-town high school newspaper.

I could endlessly and eternally ramble on and on about the newbies that come into my 4th period Journalism class with absolutely no command of the English language, or the fact that we're forced to cut, paste, and slap together every layout sheet instead of using handy-dandy Quark, but neither of these are the reason for today's diatribe. I would like to address the utter disgust I have with one of the new teachers at my severely sub-par school. A bit of a back story, I think, is in order:

Every year, it's customary (and by customary, I mean "required") that we do profiles/articles on all the new teachers in the building. It makes them feel special and welcome as well as getting our fresh-faced reporters used to the interviewing, writing, and revision processes. Most teachers that we interview are very gracious about this; they've even went the extra mile to hurry and make sure that our reporters are well-equipped to write the articles way before the deadline. Of course, it's only natural that there would eventually be an exception. That's where the lovely Mr. Heartless* comes into the picture.

Whew. I feel better. Thanks for listening. X3
Sorry for all the cursing!
20th-Sep-2007 09:58 pm - .almost five weeks.
ah. school is back in full gear and ive been swamped in tons and tons of homework! i finally got the hang of it now so my 10-wk report card should look so much better than my 5-wk!! my 5-wk comes out on the 12th of Oct. but grades go in really soon so hopefully i can get it my grades up a little before my parents kill me! right now i think i have these grades: 1. Italian 2 = B  2. Chemistry = C  3. Algebra 2= B   4. Service= A   5. AP USH= F   6. English = B

time to get back to homework! i have a test in english, ap us history, and chemistry tomorrow! gotta study!
2nd-Sep-2007 02:23 pm(no subject)
Hi, I'm Fluffle and I just joined. I'd like to rant about a stupid, stupid rule at my school.

I'll sum this up quickly rather than carrying on. Hand knives and pocket knives are allowed at Anaconda High School. Chains on clothing are not. Chains are weapons. Knives... are not?! 0_0

Does that make sense to anyone? At all?
5th-Jul-2007 06:45 pm - Stories?
I know it's summer time, so nobody really has any school rants for now, but I start school around August 6th so I only have about one month of summer vacation left.

This will be my first year starting high school. I am finally going to be a freshman.

So I was wondering, what are some high school stories you guys have? What embarassing moments or weird things have just happened to you while you?
19th-Jun-2007 06:16 pm(no subject)

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13th-May-2007 01:42 pm - Moderator????
I am looking for another moderator for this community.

Do I have anyone who is interested???

If so just leave a comment at this entry telling us why you feel you should be a mod and what you can/will do to make this community better (and more active)

♥ Aww_Darling
8th-Apr-2007 01:30 pm - Back to School!!
Robot Love
arggh!! i really dont want spring break to be over!! One week is not enough time,, and i still have a report i need to type up! I also need to straughten my air, clean my room, and get all my stuff ready for school tomorow. And to top it all off i am getting assigned another s.s. project, and report cards come out soon!! I am gonna go absolutely insane!!! :O
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